Friday, 14 September 2012

Welcome to my beautiful, imperfect blog...

Welcome to my first ever blog. Well, actually, it is my second-ever blog because I deleted the first one. I spent an hour deliberating over what to say, finally felt just-about-happy with it and then clicked the wrong button. A good start, I guess, to letting go of my perfectionist ways, which is something I hope this blog might help me with...

And I want it to be imperfect - to be a collection of thoughts, ideas, photographs, moments, feelings, stories and, hopefully, useful things. I want to share my favourite playdough recipe, my thoughts on parenting, spirituality and creativity. I want to create a log of things I would love my children to know and what I wish I’d known earlier. I am a researcher, an asker of questions, a reader, a learner and I want to pull together all the bits I am collecting in one place.

So, this is my offering. I want to share my desire to see the beauty in everything, because I believe that this one intention is at the heart of the spiritual path towards the big truth. To see the beauty in each other, in ourselves, in the trees, in words, in our children, in the postman, in slugs, in nappy-changing, in (never-ending) washing up, in all of it.

Because when we see the True Beauty in all of it, we discover the thing we all share - and we stumble across our oneness with everything.  

You are reading this because I worked out how not to delete it. That in itself is a beautiful beginning to my blog as far as I’m concerned. I have no idea what I meant to say the first time around or if this blog even makes sense. But I am going to start writing and see where I end up. 

Thanks for taking the time to read what has now taken me nearly two hours to write. Goodness me... Must go to bed.