Monday, 15 October 2012

You are enough

I was thinking today about what one thing every parent - and actually, every person - needs to remember.

And I think this is it: You are enough.

You are enough for your children, you are enough for the people around you. You don't need to do anything because who you are is enough. All that is necessary is that you stay present so that you can offer yourself to those around you.

Only when we realise this can we teach our children this important lesson that they are enough too. They don't need more toys, they don't need to be the same as their friends, they don't need to have all the latest gadgets to be happy. They just need to be in touch with themselves.

So, this is what I see as our most important job as parents: to realise that we are all our children need and want. We don't need to buy them presents, entertain them endlessly, make sure they have the latest 'cool' stuff. None of this is as important to our and their happiness as this one vital realisation. They are looking to us for a way to be in the world and our job is to show them.

And at the heart of this realisation is the deeper truth that we are enough because we are part of the whole, we are connected to everyone and everything and we are beautiful and whole and perfect at our core. Of course, our personality gets in the way and our patterns and dynamics but we can bypass that if we breathe, choose to be present and stop compensating (and realise that, because we are enough, it is also ok to wobble and have a bad-hair day!).

My biggest teachers of this have actually been two very precious, wonderful animal friends, neither of whom ever said a word to me or did anything particular for me, or gave me any gifts, or cleaned up after themselves, or cooked me a meal, or remembered my birthday. And yet the love I felt for them and the depth of connection I experienced was as real as anything I have ever known. In fact, the lack of words and psychology helped me to feel their love in a whole, clean and unconditional way and that taught me so much.

(Bo and Great having one of their great silent conversations)

See the beauty in yourself and connect to your true nature and it's all there - nothing else is needed. No words, no actions, nothing. Just the essence of you.


  1. Beautiful post,right now My mind is feeling a bit stressed, and I understand that right at this moment I don't have to take my thoughts too seriously,as I am not that.I just accept myself exactly as I am.

  2. Hi

    Thanks for leaving a comment and for taking the time to read this. I am so glad that you reached a place of self-acceptance - so often that is all we can do and it brings such relief because it brings us much closer to the truth of who we are.

    Very best wishes to you

  3. Great post! I like your example of the animals very much. I guess the trick is to understand our enoughness in spite of our conditioned ego that will do battle with our self acceptance on a daily basis and to love and accept that ego as a part of us too....

  4. I love the post and your tag line -- "keeping an eye on the beauty." It's like a jewel -- small but tightly packed. "THE beauty," because it's reliable, it shows up, it's singular, we all get it, it's divine, it's profound... OR, it's like dew or the Milky Way, sort of everywhere, all over the place, wherever you look... and keeping an eye on it because... one can't help oneself... it probably won't escape but just in case, because one never knows... and so much more in that perfect phrase. Thanks!