Sunday, 14 October 2012

Will we EVER go on a normal family walk??

So today I got very stressed. And then I laughed harder than I have laughed for a long time. And all because we got in such a mess as a family just trying to go for a simple, short walk around the block at my mum's house.

Here's how it went:

1. All get warm clothes/shoes on
2. Bo finds teatowel as her baby needs a blanket
3. Baby goes into buggy, which Bo wants to push for the whole walk
4. We manage to leave house (as usual, this process takes approx 10 minutes)
5. We get about 100m down the road
6. Large dog is let off lead very close to Bo
7. Bo refuses to go any further because she is terrified of dogs and has suddenly remembered she may encounter more if we go onto the common
8. Christopher now wants to be carried
9. Bo now wants to be carried too
10. This leaves me carrying Christopher and pushing a baby in a buggy while Robert carries Bo
11. Christopher decides he absolutely must be carried by Robert too
12. Mummy shouts in the middle of the street 'Will we EVER go on a normal family walk??'
13. Mummy stomps off up the road (still pushing baby in the buggy)
14. Mummy hears Robert laughing a huge belly laugh and cannot help but join in
15. Whole family laughs and laughs all the way back
16. Mummy stops laughing and wonders, really, actually, will we EVER go on a normal family walk.....

This is one of those short episodes that makes me realise how completely important it is to be able to see the funny side of things. Seriously, without a sense of humour I would be completely lost. And sharing stories like this also make me feel like there are others out there who might also feel like even the simple things can be complicated and infuriating sometimes with little people involved and that makes me feel better!

And sitting here, reflecting, I can actually see the beauty in the mess and the stress of this little moment that seemed so chaotic and infuriating, which is what my blog is about after all.


  1. Hollie, you have no idea how many times I have thought about and mentioned this post since I read it last Friday! These words have touched me deeply - it's almost like you were writing about my experiences (and my kids are now 7 and 5...we still don't seem to be able to do anything 'normally'...) Thank you for sharing your experience and this valuable reminder to see the funny side of life :)

  2. Hi Clare, so pleased you like this one! I feel so strongly that we all just need to support each other as parents by sharing the little moments.. Thanks for leaving a comment. Best wishes to you :)