Thursday, 20 December 2012

My End-Of-The-World To Do List

‘Gratitude turns what we have into enough’

First of all, I truly doubt anything significant is going to happen on 21st December, as has been predicted (by who exactly I'm not sure - how do these rumours start?!). If anything, we are entering a new phase of increased love and kindness and trust, which can only be a good thing – and it has been a long time coming.

BUT it is very interesting to think of what I would do if tomorrow really were the end of the world as we know it. Because thinking about things like that always brings me back to my true perspective.

I did a simple-but-brilliant exercise once, where I imagined being very old and at the end of my days. From this place – from being so close to the end of my experience here this time around – I wrote myself a letter. It was such a helpful thing to do and I feel this end-of-the-world prediction offers a similar opportunity for reflection and perspective.

The truth is, I would tell all my loved ones again how much I love them. I would hug everyone for a few seconds longer than usual and I would also tell everyone how much I appreciate them – how beautiful they make my life and how much I have learnt from them. I would stay awake for hours with Robert watching our children sleep peacefully and I would list all the ways they have taught me, loved me and shown me a whole new level of sweetness and joy.

And I would be as still as possible and open to experiencing all the love others have for me too. And I would be thankful and I’m sure all of the above would bring many tears so I would have to add crying to my list!

I could go on I’m sure but this feels like the heart of it. It’s so helpful to start thinking this way. And mostly because what this really tells me is that nothing needs to be done or changed or improved – I simply need to be still and remember to be grateful for what is right here right now.

Wishing you a blessed and merry Christmas. 

Love from Hollie xx

PS Robert, if you are reading this, please note I still need lots of Christmas presents. I will just be extra grateful for them.


  1. Lovely Hollie :)

    I think this (I simply need to be still and remember to be grateful for what is right here right now.) is my favourite line.

    I've been sick in bed with a stomach bug all week and have had lots of time for reflection! The one thing I've really wanted all week is to hug my kids, which, considering what I was will with, I so wasn't going to do! However, my youngest was the one who came home from school with the tummy bug in the first place and when he has snuck into my room to give me a big hug in bed it has been the best thing in the world and has made me realise how much I take these lovely little people for granted.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas xx

  2. Thanks Clare and merry christmas to you too - hope you get over the sicky bug...