Monday, 13 May 2013

You Always Know

I am doing my best to write shorter blogs at the moment - I just get so excited and have so many ideas when I sit down to write! But I am going to keep this one brief and readable-in-one-go-able.

And here's the idea: You Always Know.

I am going to quote my lovely husband, Robert Holden, at this point because I think he puts this so well:

We don't need more therapy, we need more clarity.

What that means to me is that, of course therapy is important and has its place - but only if the goal is to become clearer and stronger and more in touch with your wisdom.

Because a really good therapist or coach will always point you back to your Inner Wisdom - because they realise that You Always Know. Their job is to lead you towards the still place in you where all answers are available.

What do you need to do to remove the blocks to your wisdom? It could be meditation, taking a walk, snuggling the cat, having a really good conversation with just the right person to help you come to your answer or wandering aimlessly around the shops or a market (I know of one author who swears by this method of allowing space for a good idea to land). Or it might be a coaching or therapy session or reading an inspirational book.

Here's one way to tune into your wisdom (but of course, you already know this - and this is just my way - let me know yours in the comments box):

1. Think of a problem or issue you are currently facing or grappling with.

2. Set the intention that the answer will become completely clear to you.

3. Ask for help removing any blocks in the way of your wisdom - decide that you are ready to be in touch with the Part of You that Knows Everything.

4. Stay open to your wisdom expressing itself to you through people, books, thoughts, songs - and that feeling in your tummy of just knowing.

Love Hollie x

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