Friday, 8 November 2013

It starts with Silence

Silence is our friend, a real and necessary member of any group and a vital witness in our conversations. 

She gives us space to see ourselves and others from a position of wonder and openness. She stands between us and the well-worn path of our snap judgments. She opens doors between our heart and all the hearts around us. All we need to do is accept what she offers by remembering her presence. 

She is strong, vibrant and very much alive. 

Let's invite her in, 
embrace her 
and let her lead us 
to the cave of Infinite Wisdom inside ourselves, 
where no words are necessary, 
only the silent language of Sunlight 
finding itself endlessly and overwhelmingly beautiful.

Only from this place - beyond who we think we are and all our ideas of ourselves - can we ever hope to see our real beauty and the beauty of everyone and everything that surrounds us. 

It starts with Silence. 

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