Friday, 20 December 2013

Sometimes a Bus Ride Can Do This To You


One day I stopped
To accept a silent invitation.

We were on the bus,
In between places.
Outside the realm of Getting Things Done
Or Arriving
Or Finding the Right Words
Or Checking We Had Warm Enough Clothes On.

It looked like nothing was happening,
And yet, everything was happening.

A chest of jewels spread out before us:
Dogs, bikes, bags, bricks.
Clouds, lights, paving stones.

I discovered the magic that lives
In the  s p a c e s  between things.

Nestled safely in the Silence
Between the Things on the To-Do list,
Between Here and There.
Between the words we use
To build our lives.

And then, our stop.
Off we clamber.
Time to arrive,
Do we have warm enough clothes on?
Hold my hand as we cross the road.

Number 3 on my To-Do list
Floats back into my mind, begins to nag.
The daily details creep up over my shoulder
And settle themselves back in the driver’s seat.

But the Moment on the Bus
Has created just a 




A little more of Me has been born.
And a little more Love has squeezed its way
Through the crack

And onto my lap.

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