Saturday, 5 April 2014

On the Sacredness of the Everyday (or why you don't need to wear a robe to fulfil your spiritual purpose)

It's not what we're doing but HOW we are doing it that counts. It's how much of our beautiful, mysterious, authentic self we are willing to bring to our lives. It's about how much love and presence we can bring to chopping vegetables. And driving our car. And walking. And folding clothes. And scrubbing the toilet. And lighting a candle. And holding someone's hand.

We don't need to disappear into a cave, or wear robes, or move to an ashram, or train to be a yoga teacher in order to fulfil our spiritual purpose and engage in true, deep spiritual practice. We just need to bring as much of ourselves - and our individual beauty and uniqueness - to our life in the way that only we can. What we are doing right now is sacred because of who we are.

When we realise this, we can learn to put our attention on the Love with which we do something instead of rushing through it to get to the end. And when we learn to do this, we discover the depth of joy that comes from simply being in service as a Presence of Love. 

And we can do this - be this - ANYWHERE. In the supermarket, walking along the road, doing the school run for the thousandth time, at our desk at work, cleaning out the cat bowls. 

We are all undercover nuns, everyday monks, desk-bound yogis, bottom-wiping mystics. We just need to realise it. And, when we do, life becomes more beautiful and mysterious and meaningful and miraculous. And we remember that we are Souls on a journey, not people with a soul in the background somewhere. 

Love, with a Capital L, from Hollie x

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  1. Ah, if folks just realized what you beautifully wrote about. There might be less need for religious fanatics and atheists. To look behind that joyful hobby or moment of focus and glimpse the happiness, freedom, wisdom and all encompassing love of our true self.