Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What if that thing you've been taking so personally has absolutely nothing to do with you?

How you know when you are a Take It Personally type:

* Someone is rude - clearly in a bad mood - and you think it must be something you've said or done.

* When somebody road-rages at you, you feel like it is specifically directed towards you. It takes you ages to calm down afterwards.

* It's really hard to say No to people because you empathise so deeply with how rejected they will feel. 

* When somebody is really busy and does not respond to your email or message, you think you must have upset them or that they don't like you for some reason. 

(I could go on and on but you get the picture..!)

This is an ongoing area of study and interest for me in my life. I'm making progress. 

The truth is, the way someone treats you is mainly to do with:

a) how they are treating EVERYBODY
b) how they are treating themselves
c) how busy and stressed and distracted everyone is these days

It really is as simple as that: it's just not personal to you. Not easy to bring into every moment. But really that simple.

This awareness brings me back to sanity so many times a week that I am sharing in case anyone else struggles with this...

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