Monday, 26 May 2014

How to transform envy into blessings...

She just has everything so... together. He's really made it in his career - I can't listen to any more of his stories. She has HOW many Likes on her page now?? They seem so happy all the time - what's with that? Ugh, not more photos of tropical holidays and sunsets....

We've all been there. Jealousy. Comparison. Envy. In fact, we all go there much more than we like to admit. 

We just don't like to talk about it much. 

Well, I want to talk about it because I recently had a big epiphany on this subject. (After struggling for a whole day with it inside myself).

Here's how it was shown to me when I asked for the miraculous shift in my perception that I know is always there for me when I really want it: 

When you see another person's path unfolding in a certain way and you feel that sting of envy, you have a choice. Even if it doesn't feel like it. 

Either you can use their success, their particular triumphs (as they appear to you) as a way to feel LESS THAN, to feel not enough, to feel like you are failing, behind, like you'll never get where you want to be. That there is not enough to go around and if someone else is in the flow, you can't be. 

OR you can OWN IT. You can thank the jealousy - and the person who is bringing it up in you - for showing you a direction you haven't consciously been aware you would like to explore. For awakening the memory of a long-forgotten part of yourself. You can use your list as a 'desire map'. 

And then you can create an intention - and feel the beginnings of the seeds that are being planted in you as they prepare to wriggle their way up towards the sun. Feel how this part of you - which you had forgotten until now - is so grateful to be acknowledged and seen and welcomed back in. 

Here is the choice as I see it: 

Small, scared self says this: 'I feel envious of her success and clarity. When I think of her, I feel like a failure, I'm so behind and I'm just so all over the place'.

Expanded Truth Teller Self has other ideas: 'I feel grateful for this uncomfortable feeling in my tummy when I see someone who is so successful and has such clarity of purpose. And I am willing to feel worthy enough to own these points of possibility and potential in myself and commit to taking a step forward in my authority and expansion.'

And then, the final step: BLESS THIS PERSON'S PATH. Wish for more of everything they desire and want and intend for. Affirm that there is Enough of Everything for Everyone. Always. Including you. 

And then breathe out because it's time for that cup of tea. Make mine an earl grey. 


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  1. Thank you for this, quite a while ago my course mentor taught me to feel delicious feelings of appreciation for anything that symbolized abundance, whether it was someone else experiencing it or myself…and this has served me very well, the delicious feelings are the key, it opens the door for abundance to flow… Thank you very much Hollie