Thursday, 5 June 2014

Notes from the eye of the storm (a few things I know for sure)

1. Most of us will never reach the stage where we do not experience the intensity of inner storms and harsh emotional weather. When we accept this, we can just get on with feeling it all and stop wishing it away.

2. It is safe to lean head-first-heart-first into the storm. 

3. The only way to get through the shit is to go though the shit. 

4. We all need at least one person who can truly listen to us with no agenda. Who knows a storm is just a storm. 

5. No amount of thunder, cloud and lightning can affect the steady warmth of the Sun beyond it and mingled in amongst it. 

6. We are never alone, however convincing our small self might be on this subject. Our wholeness remains fully intact and our angels cheer us on and keep us anchored into the higher Love that holds us and defines us in truth. 

7. Storms reveal and create treasure. Like rainbows. And dew drops. And that smell of freshness and newness that we must breathe in with all our might whenever we are in it. 

8. There is very little that life can throw us that can withstand the healing power of a very loud sing-along session to Lionel Richie on the way home from the school run. OK, I know this might be very personal to me but even the doubters and the Lionel Richie disbelievers might want to try this one so I kept it in. 

9. When writing from the eye of the storm, sometimes one hits the wrong button and deletes the whole thing and has to start all over again. Only a past life as a Zen monk can get one through this kind of experience. Thank you to my inner monk for the help this morning. 

Oh and the song that has anchored me into the higher Love throughout this particular storm has been this one. I recommend you turn it up high, lie down, close your eyes and let this voice permeate your entire being. 

Except maybe wait til after the youtube adverts. Ideally you don't want those permeating your entire being.

And then, obviously, follow up with a good dose of Lionel. 


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