Wednesday, 11 June 2014

What if (a love poem)

What if
That moment when you give up
When you turn your back on the light
When you hit the floor with exhaustion
When you decide you must be
Alone, unseen, forgotten,
When you enter the darkest corner of your mind,

What if
That moment is the moment
When you are
Loved most fiercely
Seen most clearly
Held most tenderly?

What if
The kiss between your knees and the floor
Is the most perfect echo
Of The Endless Kiss,
The Unstoppable Embrace
That has never,
Not even for one moment,
Let you go?

1 comment:

  1. Stronger than faith

    I am guided
    I am provided
    In all ways
    I am protected
    Through the days
    And carried
    With grace

    It’s stronger
    Than faith
    I don’t need
    Any proof
    I simply know
    In my bones
    All is fine
    Thy will is done

    I am guided…

    I can rest
    Upon your wing
    For every blessing
    I see the perfection
    Of your plan
    In everything
    And everyone

    I am guided…

    Lighthouse shining
    In the darkest night
    Deep connection
    To all life
    No need to fight
    No need to fly
    No need to try
    To improve or change

    Now I allow
    Just to be
    To be there
    And surrendering
    To the vast space
    Of sacredness

    I am guided…