Wednesday, 16 July 2014

You Are Not Alone: Opening up to receive guidance your way

Here's a couple of things I know for sure:

1. Being in this human experience brings with it a lot of pain, shit and stuff we don't want to face. It's all very well learning that it's all for our growth and learning but oh how shitty it feels while we are in it...

2. We don't have to go through all the pain, shit and stuff we don't have to face ALONE. 

The question I get asked so often is this: How can I start to feel better? I feel so low, things feel so difficult. 

Well, there are so many answers to this. Life is really one big version of this question. 

And here's how I see it from one particular angle. 

I spent many, many years feeling deeply isolated, separate and alone. This has absolutely been my learning ground. And I know I can speak with authority about this derelict, disconnected wasteland. 

AND I know from my current perspective that, even through all those years when I experienced living in a wasteland that I felt was separated off from everything and everyone else, I WAS NEVER, NOT FOR ONE MOMENT, ALONE. 

Which means that none of us is alone in our experience, ever. This is not just something I 'believe'; it is something I know with everything I've got. 

Seriously, people. We have flocks of angels, our Very Own Guardian Angel, beings who have passed over - grandmothers, aunts, guides. All witnessing us, holding us, loving us. All. The. Time. 

'But I don't feel connected to that,' I get told. 

Well, here's the purpose of this post: to tell you that, if you feel like this, the reason you don't feel connected to this support is because you have ideas about how you **should** be receiving messages, signs and guidance from your spiritual support team. 

We meet a psychic with a crystal-clear channel and we say 'Oh I'll never have that level of communication with the Divine so I might as well give up - and just come for sessions a few times a year.' Or 'I've never been visited personally by any of the main spiritual leaders. Jesus has never ONCE sat on the end of my bed with a personal message for me, so I'm out. I clearly just am not connected.'

And we do a bit of a spiritual humph. Our cynicism wins. We simply give up on it. And we start to label ourselves as 'not connected' and 'not psychic' and we farm out our wisdom to others. 

But what if that fluttery feeling in your heart when that certain song comes on the radio is YOUR OWN PERSONAL WAY of connecting? What if that peace that washes over you while you water the plants in the garden is IT? What if that moment when you find the strength on a hard day to smile at somebody in the street because you see they need it - and the feeling you get when they smile back - what if THAT is your way of being in communication and feeling reconnected? What if your angels communicate to you VIA THE CAT THAT IS SITTING ON YOUR LAP RIGHT NOW? 

If this is where you struggle, this affirmation might be interesting for you. 

Stay open today. Receive. Don't judge the medium. Don't think too much. Just know that the Divine Love that holds you is all-encompassing, all-knowing and also deeply personal, intimate and available always to everyone in the smallest, biggest, mundane, unnoticeable, dramatic, undramatic, plant-related, cat-related, song-on-the-radio-related ways. Hey, I'll even throw in facebook-related.

And, as always, the comments here will form such an important conversation - where you share your wisdom, stories and strengthening for each other. Leave your strengthening story below or tell us you need support with this and we can send you our love. This thread might just be the way we all get communicated to today - look out for the comments that speak to you and give you just the message you need or affirm your own experience. 

And if anyone has an interesting experience with the affirmation, let us know that too ! 

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