Thursday, 21 August 2014

On True Purpose

{Question & Response Post}

I would love to have your insight on finding and living your purpose. I have always felt lost and feel like I do not know what my purpose in life is or how to identify it. I have a longing to live on purpose, to make a difference and live a fulfilling life that allows me to love what I do while being able to earn a living and help others. However Though I have tried all the spiritual and logical methods I know, I have not been able to find a way to do that. How do you suggest I approach this? Do you feel we all have a purpose? How can I figure out how to live it and be able to make a living with it?

First I would like to say, I love your question. It is so honest and real and also what a beautiful intention to have - to want to serve, to be purposeful, to be a loving presence in the world.

And secondly I would like to say, I wonder if you know that you are actually already living your spiritual purpose? That even wanting this as much as you do is a response from deep inside you to move in the direction of Love, to serve those around you more deeply, to evolve, to grow. Because, really, that sounds like your spiritual purpose is being fulfilled right there.
On the practical level, I would say pray. Ask. Thank your spiritual support system for dropping in ideas, inspirations, introductions, people, connections, sparks. And then follow those sparks. Sit very still. See what image or idea comes to you. Whatever your way to connect with the Divine, go there. Bring in your angels, hand it over, imagine yourself in their arms, taken care of and guided towards the most true expression of your creativity in the world. And talk to people. Start small. Follow threads of excitement that draw you in their direction.
But you see it is important to do this from the angle that you are already fulfilling your purpose - just by BEING WHO YOU ARE. Any outer shifts - and practical changes - will be an extension of that. Outer shifts won't fill you up or suddenly fill you with bliss. That has to come from inside - from your relationship with yourself. And because of this, anything you do with love, anything you bring yourself to with intention, will fill you up because you will be fulfilling your purpose on the being level. One of the most purposeful people I have ever met runs the ticket office at our local train station. I am yet to meet anybody else who works with as much presence and who spreads as much love.

And one last thing. It looks like you are a mother and a wife and the centre of a beautiful family. And we live in a time when this role is not valued as deeply as it should be. You are already creating, evolving, going with the flow, achieving as much balance as you can manage, learning about love, shifting, responding, holding, baking. That is truly enough. Your CV in my book is already in the Fulfilling Your Purpose file.
Once you realise this and make this internal shift - to I Am Enough Just Because Of Who I Am - the pressure will reduce to 'find your purpose' and you will be able to relax into what wants to come about. You will be able to let a deeper external expression of what you love FIND YOU once you stop searching.


  1. Thank you, Hollie! <3 Great words of wisdom and love. This really brings peace of mind. Thank you! <3

  2. Oh, I needed this today. And I will need it again tomorrow, too! The last two paragraphs made me cry. Spoke right to my core. This is my first visit to your blog, and I am already grateful that you're writing it. -Darcie