Monday, 11 February 2013


I am always looking for non-sugar, non-gluten, healthy desserts. So when friends told me to try avocado chocolate mousse I was definitely interested but never imagined I would actually want to eat it.

But, after experimenting and taking bits from different recipes, I have come up with a chocolate-orange mousse that is RIDICULOUSLY good. Robert is very happy he married me right now as I keep whipping things like this out at the end of dinner (although, honestly, I am mainly making it for myself. My first mini test batch disappeared instantly - all he got was an email saying 'lick the Vitamix if you go into the kitchen').

Here are the avocados before they get turned into mousse:

And it is actually, properly good for you and mainly made of avocados, one of the best sources of good fats. I really can't believe it.

Here's what's in it:

5 ripe avocados
1 cup raw cacao (or cocoa powder)
1/2 cup raw honey (I put in extra and tasted as I went along - raw cacao is pretty bitter and needs more sweetness. You could also use agave but raw honey is the healthiest option.)
1 tsp vanilla extract
Zest of 1 orange
1/4 tsp salt (I use himalayan)

Plus: Raspberries & creme fraiche to serve

Here's how to make it:

1. Find food processor
2. Throw in the avocado flesh & whip up a bit until smooth
3. Add the rest of the ingredients, tasting as you go to check sweetness levels are to your liking
4. Stick it in the fridge in a sealed container (you can make it in advance as it keeps for a few days - it's best to make it a day in advance as it tastes even better on the second day).

The quantities in this recipe make enough for a small dinner party - halve it if you want less. But it does keep and you will definitely eat it..... (sometimes even for breakfast if you are anything like me).


  1. Hollie - you are such a brilliant writer, keep it coming!

  2. Yum must try :-) thank you

  3. I'm stuck on the food processor bit.