Saturday, 15 February 2014

Eleventy, three, jack o'lantern, six: Accepting where you are right now

Sitting in the car this afternoon, with the sun streaming through the window, I heard my son Christopher make this announcement: I am going to count to eleven.

It went like this:

Eleven, nine, four, fifty four, to the left, to the right, five, eleventy, three, jack o'lantern, six.

And now I am thinking isn't that just the way life goes? We think something is wrong if it does not progress the way we think it should or imagine it might.

When really it all gets much easier when we know that life is not interested in the order of things. And that nobody is further ahead or better or more spiritually evolved or more beautiful or good or kind or wonderful than we are.

How can they be? In the five, eleventy, three, jack o'lantern, six-ness of Life, no comparisons can be made. We can only accept where we find ourselves right now.

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