Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Well of Wisdom

Eat meat.
Don't eat meat.
No, don't pray, say affirmations.
Be like the Zen masters; 
Do only what is in front of you.
No, think big, make vision boards,
Manifest your dream life.

Go and live in an ashram,
You'll find yourself in India.
Come and take this workshop,
You'll feel so much better.
Find a therapist,
No, find a shaman.
Read this book, no, read this one.

This is how to be happy,
No this is how to do it. Follow me.
Jog, oh no, wait, cycle, it's better for your joints.
Drink a glass of wine a day,
It's good for your heart.

Put your child on a schedule,
No, don't; follow their natural rhythms.
This is how to deal with a tantrum,
No, do it this way.

Chocolate is good for you;
Eat it with the wine.
No, wait, we've changed our minds.
Don't have either.

Let's be grateful
That we live in a time
Where we are bombarded with
So much advice.
What can we do in the midst of
Such confusion
Other than
Follow our own hearts
Towards our own
Well of wisdom?

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