Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Mandala of Socks on Their Last Day in the Kingdom

And the day came when she was forced to empty the Bag of Odd Socks. She used all the spiritual might and Zen resolve she had built up over the last decade to sit still with her cup of tea and consider the disarray and chaos that spilled out before her. 

And she declared aloud that this was the day that any sock who could not find its partner would be banished from the Kingdom. It was time. The rains fell heavily outside the window as she placed the paired socks into the safety of their basket and prepared to banish the single socks to their fate.

And she determined to create something of beauty from the chaos that had plagued her for so long from the inside of the bag. So she built The Mandala of Socks on Their Last Day in the Kingdom.

Then she drank her tea and a wave of peace washed over her heart.


  1. Randon socks are good to "feed" the driver now and then. That way the dryer has no need to "eat" one of the pairs. :)

  2. Ooooops... that should have read... RANDOM socks are good to feed to the DRYER...
    I hit "publish" too quickly.