Saturday, 12 April 2014

Beyond Judgments

This evening I came up with a list to remind myself - and get more conscious - about how to move past my judgments. 

Beyond judgments is a place I REALLY love to hang out in. But sometimes I just can't get there.

I am a student of A Course in Miracles, I have done enough workshops and coaching to know the theory on this but can I always do it? Of course not - who can....

But these are the steps that help me remember the things that really make a difference in those hard moments. That (a) most things are not personal to me and (b) it's not down to me to 'do' forgiveness or get past judgment - that is the work of Love. I can just allow it and be open to the possibility of it. 

I am writing about this because, today, I had one of those moments with a homeopath who had prepared a prescription for me. She was abrupt and impatient and I convinced myself she was looking down her nose at my questions. And I was tired from nearly 2 weeks of nursing my babes through a nasty virus, which doesn't help. I felt the pathway open up where I could have withdrawn my energy and rejected her before she fully rejected me. 

But I managed to just about remember to leave open a crack just about big enough for Love to shift my perspective and I managed to See her and felt a rush of compassion for her and a wave of sweetness hit me and I saw how dedicated she is, how tough things have been for her, how fiercely she believes what she believes. 

And so I was able to leave with a genuine smile and real gratitude for her. And the right remedy to take home. Phew. 

So here's my list in case any of you struggle with this one too:

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