Thursday, 10 April 2014

Don't think big. Just wash your bowl.

Have you noticed what happens when you start to think of the big picture, or what the future will bring? Or how you are going to handle things a year down the line? Or what something will look like in 6 months' time? 

I know I do this and one of the most useful things I know to do is to bring myself back to the present moment. Can I cope with what is happening right now in this moment? Can I do what needs to be done right now? 

I loved hearing Louise Hay's response when she was asked how she created the Hay House publishing company. 'I answered the phone, I opened my mail. I did what was in front of me.' 

Even the hugest dreams and visions have to start, very simply, with small actions in the present moment. 

Oh and I love this piece of Zen wisdom. It's why parents become Zen masters over the years. ;) 

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