Saturday, 17 May 2014

Redefining the word Mother

Isn't mother's day a funny old day? I know so many people who are not mothers - and who know the depth of unconditional love, who mother those around them with their warmth and soulfulness. And they do not get included - there are no cards for the Non-mothers who are really Mothers. 

And it is a day of grieving for so many too. For those whose mothers have passed, it is a sweet, sad day. 

I honour all the mothers today who are giving themselves so selflessly to their children and I also extend my heart to everyone who finds this day hard, complex, confronting. 

And I include ALL women who nurture those around them, who snuggle their cats with their whole hearts, who serve up soup in homeless shelters, who take a moment to be kind to others on the bus. All the women who know that mothering is not their path in the traditional sense but realise that this does not make them any less important, valued and loving members of our world. 

Because, really, we are all mothers, whether or not we have given birth to a child physically. We are all responsible for bringing each other up and showing each other love. 

Our definition of Mother is just a little odd (like so much in this world). If you have ever seen photos of ducklings who think their mother is a farmer, you will know what I am talking about.

So to ALL the mothers, I honour you for your beautiful hearts and your love for those around you. 

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