Saturday, 17 May 2014

You did not come here to be perfect, you came here to be you

As a Recovering Perfectionist, I need to remind myself of this often. 

How often have you said 'Not yet - it's not quite perfect'? Or given yourself a really hard time for saying the wrong thing during a conversation or arriving late or disappointing somebody? Are you holding yourself back by thinking you are not ready, not doing as well as others, not this enough, not that enough?

Our own inner (perfectionist) standards are the only ones we need to watch. Most of the time, others just want us to bring ourselves with authenticity and realness to our relationships and our lives so that they can feel true connection with us. And when we take this step, we give others permission to do the same.

Self-kindness, gentle self-talk, easing up on our own standards for ourselves. It's the only way to head away from comparison, lack, anxiety and separation. And towards all the things we want: peace, happiness, expansiveness, ease, alignment with Love.

You came here to be you. And you are TOTALLY and way-beyond-what-you-can-imagine enough. 

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