Saturday, 17 May 2014

You are not failing; you are LEARNING

There is a road near our house that lends itself really well to learner drivers. Which means I often find myself behind very slow-moving cars with bright-red L plates displayed. 

I actually love being slowed down and I often think how inappropriate it would be for me to beep, to try to get a nervous driver, who has yet to find their confidence, to speed up or do anything but concentrate on what they are doing. 

But isn't this exactly what we do to ourselves most of the time? Why is this happening so slowly? I should be further ahead by now. I should have more this, more that. I should be more enlightened, more compassionate, more abundant, more.... 

And on it goes. 

The alternative is to remind yourself that you are simply learning. Which means mistakes are ok. And 'wrong turns' are just detours with an extra bit of curriculum for you. 

Let's give ourselves - and each other - the space and compassion necessary for us to learn, grow and expand at the pace that works for us. 

The goal is not to become the fantasy version of ourselves; it is to accept ourselves just as we are, right now. And to learn to be gentle. 

Let's see everyone today (including ourselves) wearing great big L plates front and back. And then respond appropriately. 

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