Thursday, 1 May 2014

Your true purpose is already happening. Right now.

We panic that we are not in the right job. That being a full-time parent is holding us back from fulfilling our worldly purpose. That we missed that one opportunity that would really allow us to 'make it' in the world. That we need to do another degree to feel qualified enough to speak our truth. That we have left it too late to really follow our joy. That we don't have enough Likes on our Facebook page, not enough people reading our blog. That nobody sees the fullness and depth of who we are as we type away at our desk. 

But what if we shook ourselves free of the conditioning that makes us worry like this? What if we were to shift our gaze from the world around us to the wisdom within us and know, with every cell of our being, that our purpose is, very simply, to be a loving presence in the world?

Once we accept the truth of this, what we DO in the world comes second. And, if that needs to change, we will be shown the way. But we will be focussed on the fact that we are already fulfilling our divine purpose just by choosing Love as often as possible. By learning to be kind to ourselves, by finding the courage to take small steps towards responding with compassion instead of anger. By becoming curious instead of judging. By finding joy in being in service to those around us. 

And now you really can go and make yourself that cup of tea. Stir it with all your presence knowing that you are right on track and doing beautifully. Nowhere to be other than right here, right now. No great purpose you are meant to be achieving or working towards other than using the next opportunity that presents itself to do your best to choose Love. 

You are enough. We all are. Because we are Love. 

Image by Witty Hearts

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