Friday, 25 April 2014

The self-hug method

When we embark consciously on our spiritual journey and we read books, attend workshops, start to take in all the wisdom, we can get all complex about things. We can have unrealistic goals for ourselves, compare ourselves to the 'spiritual teachers' and even other people we meet along the way. We start to assess where we are in comparison to others instead of cultivating a more loving and accepting relationship with ourselves. 

And if there's one thing I have worked out on my own journey with this, it is that, whatever path we follow, method we learn about, teacher we enjoy, self-love, self-kindness and treating ourselves with gentleness, respect and understanding is the key to the whole thing. That's our real work. 

As Christopher likes to tell me 'Mum, if you get cold, it's easy you know. You give yourself a hug.' 

He also includes himself in his list of people he loves. 

(Here he is demonstrating the self-hug technique outside my mum's house.)

What tiny, simple step can you take right now either in your mind or practically to start being kinder to yourself?

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