Saturday, 9 August 2014

Let yourself be fed by your soul

So often I hear people say 'do something that feeds your soul'. 

But I see it the other way. 

We need to get still enough - present enough - even just for a few minutes a day, for our soul to feed us. 

Our essence, soul, Being, whatever you want to call it, has everything we need. And yet we run around the world trying to achieve, find, get approval, understand, conquer, win, lose. Whatever supports the story we are trying to write about ourselves. 

And what we are really doing is trying to find out if we are loveable, if we are worthy. We try to find Love outside of ourselves, in the eyes of others, in the embrace of lovers, in the career ladder, in the property market, in food, in magazines, in assessments, exams and tests of all kinds. In the moments waiting for somebody to text us back. 

When we stop running, chasing, searching, using the world's value system as our measuring stick, we see that the Love is right where we are. Right in the washing up, in the laundry, in the stapling, in the packing and unpacking of backpacks, in our laps, at our feet. Because it is who we are. 

Our soul waits so patiently for us to realise this. And accepts us right where we are on our journey of remembering. 

And Remembering will be where we end up eventually, however wonky our path may be.

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